“I’m making a short independent film, I don’t have a budget for music yet. Could I contact you to discuss my idea?”

Yes please use the form below – we are interested in commercial and independent films and a fee can be agreed upon at the completion of the project.

“Do you just do classical stuff? I need some ambient background music but also some faster stuff with a hard edge for a game I’m working on – can you do that?”

We can write in any genre you require – just be specific with your brief and we can help you with a wide range of styles and moods.

“So I have downloaded one of your royalty-free music tracks – it’s for a commercial project, is it still free?”

 Yes! So long as you use the provided attribution on the downloads page and it is reasonably available to your audience – it is free!

“One of your royalty-free music tracks is just what I need but I can’t attribute it in my project, can I still use it?”

Yes. Use the form below to contact us about obtaining a sans attribution licence (small fee) and you won’t need to display the credit.

“So I really like so-and-so’s latest song but can’t afford/don’t want to pay the royalty for it. Can you write something that’s almost exactly the same but doesn’t breach copyright?”

No. Sorry. We are in the business of original works.

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